Want A Turnkey Home? 3 Features To Analyze While Shopping

Before you go house hunting, deciding what kind of home you are interested in will be beneficial. Some people may love the idea of buying a foreclosure or fixer-upper that they can work on before and after moving in. However, you might know that your family is most interested in buying a turnkey home you can move into and enjoy fully immediately.

The easy part is finding a place with a living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms in excellent condition. The tricky part is making sure the other features are the same way.

Finished Basement

When you look at home listings with basements, you want to prioritize places with finished ones. A finished basement adds ample square footage and gives you an entire floor to use. You can make the living room a place to entertain guests and create a family room in the basement. This setup makes it easy to furnish and decorate the space with your family's comfort in mind.

Getting a finished basement means that you will not need to worry about all the work that goes into finishing one, such as carpentry, electrical, and plumbing.

Converted Attic

A converted attic is also worth getting in the home you buy. While you can use an unfinished basement for storage, you may like the flexibility and functionality of a converted one. You can use the room as a bedroom, craft room, home office, or climate-controlled storage space.


When you buy a turnkey home, you may expect to move in without doing work for your family to enjoy the inside and outside. This makes it important to analyze the landscape because you may want or need certain features and qualities to ensure complete satisfaction.

An irrigation system is another feature you may want to prioritize. This feature will minimize or eliminate the need to do manual watering. The key is to inspect irrigation systems to make sure they cover the entire landscape, or you may have to water the plants it does not cover.

Another way to buy the right turnkey home is by picking one with grass, plants, and trees you are interested in. Then, you must invest in upkeep such as cleanup, watering, trimming, and pest control to keep plant life from experiencing any major health problems.

Consider these details when you go shopping for a home with your family to buy an ideal turnkey property. 

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