Guidelines For Better Real Estate Photography

In many cases, it's the pictures that sell a home. A potential buyer is browsing through ads; they see a photo that really stands out to them, and that prompts them to go take a look at the home. So how do you make sure your real estate photography really stands out and captures the best elements of a home? Start by following these guidelines.

Photograph the front of the home with the sun behind you.

You want to photograph the home on a day with nice weather. If your scheduled day arrives and it is rainy and cloudy, then reschedule. Also, photograph the home at a time of day when the sun will be behind you as you shoot the front of the home. The photo of the home's front facade is usually used as the first photo in the listing, so that photo, in particular, needs to be perfectly lit.

Turn on all the lights.

Before you photograph the interior of the home, turn the lights on throughout the home. This will help ensure even lighting all throughout the space, so you don't have to do as much touching up and brightening when editing the photos. If there are any rooms that are poorly lit, see if you can plug a lamp in and place that lamp in a corner you don't capture in the photo.

Use a full-frame camera with a wide-angle lens.

When photographing real estate, you want to use a wide-angle lens and a full-frame camera. This way, you can capture more of the room in the shot, which gives home buyers a better idea of what the home really looks like. You can also post fewer photos if each one shows more, and buyers will appreciate only having to scroll through 12 photos rather than 36.

Move clutter out of the shot.

As you work your way through the home, pause before each shot to make sure you move away from any clutter or extra items. For instance, if you are about to photograph a bedroom and there are a few extra towels laying across the bed, move them. If you're about to photograph a shower and there are 15 shampoo bottles on the shelf, remove most of them. Crisp, clear photos with fewer unnecessary details make it easier for homebuyers to see what a home actually has to offer.

If you adhere to the guidelines above, you should produce real estate photos that entice buyers and allow for a prompt sale. 

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