Need To Sell Your House? 3 Projects You Should Take Care Of Now

It's a seller's market, which is why many people are thinking about listing their homes for sale. However, to get the most for your property, some projects tend to attract new buyers better than others. Here are three projects you should consider taking care of if you want to sell your house

1. Porch Updates

Your front porch is the first place buyers will come when visiting your home. Unfortunately, front porches tend to collect furniture, household objects, and even plants, pots, and gardening supplies, which could make a bad first impression. 

Before you sell your house, update your front porch. Remove any clutter from the space, put away gardening supplies, replace your welcome mat, and clean your front door. If you have furniture situated on your porch, make sure it is in good shape. If it needs to be replaced, take care of it before photos are taken of your place. 

2. New Carpet and Paint

The interior of your home can sustain a lot of damage, especially if you have children or pets. Inspect the condition of your carpet and paint, and think about replacing it anytime the damage is visible. In addition to making your home interior look brand new, updated carpet can make your home smell better, since carpet fibers tend to collect dust and grime. Make sure to paint any room of your home that was painted a bright, custom color, such as Robin's Egg blue.  

3. Kitchen Upgrades 

Kitchens can sell homes or create quite a problem during the viewing process. If your kitchen is dated or damaged, think about updating things throughout the space. From new counters to nice, stainless steel appliances, a few upgrades can make a big difference to buyers. Remember to choose functional kitchen upgrades that buyers really could use, such as a range hood, a better microwave, or a state-of-the-art refrigerator. 

Anytime you start thinking about making changes to your home in hopes that you will sell it quickly, it pays to sit down and chat with a real estate agent. Talk with them about what you are thinking of doing, when you want to sell, and which finishes would work for the majority of buyers. Your agent might have ideas about paint colors, cabinet materials, or even carpet textures that buyers tend to gravitate to. By being choosy when you select materials, you can avoid deterring buyers from your beautiful home.

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