Parameters To Decide On During Your First Meeting With Your Real Estate Agent

When you have your first meeting with a real estate agent, you usually spend a lot of the time discussing what you want in a home and how much you can afford to spend. These are definitely important decisions to make and discuss. However, you should also set and decide on some parameters regarding the house-hunting process and your relationship with the real estate agent. Doing so will help ensure the house hunt goes smoothly and that you don't waste so much time. So what parameters should you set? Take a look.

How do you prefer to communicate?

Years ago, everyone communicated with their real estate agent by phone. But these days, there are so many different ways to keep in touch, and everyone has different preferences. Let your real estate agent know if you prefer to communicate via email, text, or phone. This helps ensure they're not always waiting for a reply via email when you rarely check it, or that they're not continually calling you on the phone when it's hard for you to pick up during the day.

How do you want to schedule looking at homes?

Some people prefer to look at homes one at a time as they enter the market. Other people prefer to spend a whole day looking at 10 homes, and then a whole day looking at another 10 homes, and so forth. Discuss your preferred approach with your real estate agent so they can schedule you appropriately.

Will you be bringing others to the showings?

Talk with your real estate agent about anyone who will be accompanying you to home showings. Will you be going alone, or will you be bringing a parent, partner, or your kids with you? Giving your real estate agent this information will help them determine whether to meet you at various homes or ride with you in the same vehicle. It will also help them with their timing. They may plan to be at a home a little longer, for instance, if they know you're going to bring your three kids along.

Your first meeting with your real estate agent is pretty important because it will set the tone for how things go throughout the buying process. Make sure you discuss the topics above, and if you have any other concerns or questions about the real estate buying process, ask them. Your real estate agent should be happy to answer.

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