One Way To Buy A House With No Credit

Credit is something that takes years to build, and it can take even longer for a person to repair their credit. If you have no credit, you might think you cannot buy a house. After all, you need credit to get a mortgage loan. While this is true, there is an alternative way to buy a house, and this method does not require credit. If you are interested in learning how to do this, continue reading.

Find a Seller Willing to Sell on Contract

Buying a house with no credit is difficult if you need a mortgage loan to make the purchase. A mortgage lender only offers loans to creditworthy people, but there is an alternative option. If you can find a homeowner willing to sell their home on contract, you can make the purchase without getting a loan. This type of deal relies on the seller keeping the loan in his or her name and extending credit to you. You pay the homeowner for the house. In exchange, you get to live in the house and use it the way you wish.

The Terms of a Contract Deal

Buying a house on contract does not mean that the seller will always keep the loan. Instead, the seller agrees to keep the loan for a specified time. The time might be five years or ten, and you will know this information before you sign the contract. Additionally, the contract will state your responsibilities. For example, you must make monthly payments to the seller, and you must also pay the insurance and taxes. You might have to get approval from the seller before making changes in the house, and there might be other rules involved with the deal.

What You Must Do Afterward

Buying a house through this method is ideal if you do not have credit, but you will have to get a mortgage before the contract ends. Therefore, after moving into a home you buy on contract, you must begin working on your credit. You will need to find ways to boost and build your credit score so you can qualify for a loan when the contract term ends.

If you need help finding a home for sale on contract, talk to your real estate agent. Real estate agents typically know how to find these types of homes, and finding one can help you buy a house with no credit.

If you want to buy a home with no credit, discuss your options with a real estate agent.

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