4 Issue To Discuss With A Custom Home Builder Before Starting

Hiring a custom builder for a project is a process that should take some time. It's important to discuss some key issues before starting, and here are four every client should cover with a custom home builder.

Who Will Handle the Design Work?

Some builders are comfortable handling everything from beginning to end, but most will want to see plans produced by professionals. This means hiring an architect. Depending on the challenges the location poses, it may also require hiring an engineer to address issues with the site.

It's important to determine who will be responsible for producing and amending designs long before you agree to anything. If the building company offers to handle such work, you'll also want to verify that they're capable of handling it.

Site-Specific Problems

No one likes to be caught off guard during a build. For example, the builder might want to discuss issues with sandy soil at the location before concrete is poured for a foundation. If you're aware of particular problems at the location, inform the builder of this as early in the process as possible.


A quick way to end up with a budget mess is to treat the financial side of a project as something to address later. Make a budget for your job long before you interview a single custom homer builder. Also, talk with an officer at your bank or credit union about what level of financing might be available for the project. Factor in somewhere between 10 to 20 percent over your preferred budget to address possible cost overruns, too.

Once you have a number in mind, then you can start discussions about the budget for a build. The firm will assemble some sort of estimate based on your specifications.

You can decide how to control the budget by breaking your plans into must-have and nice-to-have ideas. If you're in striking range on the budget and otherwise thrilled with the custom builder you're talking to, start working through the nice-to-have column to eliminate things and get the project on target.


Custom builds are hard jobs to time perfectly. However, it's important to talk about the projected timeline for a build. Make sure you're thinking about what the coming season will be like because you'll want some slack on the schedule in case things are delayed by weather, supply issues, construction problems, redesigns, or code compliance. Ask the builder to include their projected timeline with an email or a written estimate so you have it for your records, too.

Use this tips and speak with a custom home builder to learn more about building a custom home.

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