Lesser-Known Benefits Of Buying A Condo Over A Single-Family Home

The major benefits of buying a condo are widely known. You don't have to do any landscaping, and you have access to amenities like a community pool and fitness center. But even if these major benefits do not completely have you sold on buying a condo, there are some other benefits to keep in mind. Take a look at these lesser-known benefits of buying a condo over a single-family home.

1. You don't have to shovel the driveway.

If you live in an area where snow is common in the winter, shoveling snow can take quite a lot of time and effort. Yes, you could buy a snowblower, but that still takes time (and costs money.) Hiring a plowing service is an option, but what if they don't get to your home before you need to leave for work? When you live in a condo community, the community takes care of all the snow-clearing tasks. You don't have to shovel, make phone calls, or buy an expensive snowblower. Since the same plowing company typically services the whole community, you can count on them being there every day and early, before you need to leave for work.

2. Communities are typically under video surveillance.

Yes, you can put up your own video cameras at a single-family home, but this takes time and effort. At a condo community, there are typically cameras placed to ensure the parking lots, public areas, and doors to the units are all visible in the footage. This helps keep crime low, and if there is a crime, you can bet there will be video evidence that makes it easy to catch the perpetrator. If living somewhere safe is a priority, condo life is for you.

3. You typically don't have to buy appliances.

Although some homeowners sell the appliances with their single-family home, this is not the norm. Shopping for the right appliances can take quite a lot of time, and those appliances also cost more than you might think! Condos almost always come fully equipped with all the major appliances, saving you time and money during that busy move-in phase.

If you don't want to shovel snow, shop for a fridge, or spend a weekend putting up surveillance cameras, then living in a condo is a great choice. Visit a few condo communities near you, and see what they have for sale. You might be surprised!

For more information on condos for sale, contact your local real estate agent.

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