4 Benefits of Corporate Housing for Short-Term Jobs

If you have a short-term job that you want to take in a city, instead of looking for an apartment to rent, or staying in a hotel for three months, you should investigate corporate housing. Corporate housing provides some clear benefits over staying in a hotel for a few months, or searching for a short-term apartment lease.

Cost Savings

If you stay in a hotel for a couple of months, the costs can really add up. In addition to the regular hotel fees, you may have to pay additional fees for things such as parking, internet access, printer access, and valet access. With a long-term hotel stay, you often have to pay an additional tax for the long-term stay. If you rent a short-term apartment, on top of the rental fee, you will have to coordinate the rental of furniture and purchase of household essentials, such as silverware and towels. Then, when your contract is done, you have to get rid of everything. With a corporate apartment, you only have to pay the rental fee, there are not hidden fees built into the rental. Additionally, everything you need is already provided, so you don't have to coordinate getting the furniture and supplies you need.

Access to a Kitchen

When you are staying somewhere for a few months on a work assignment, you don't want to have to go out to eat for every meal. Being able to purchase and make your own food is essential for health and happiness when you are away from home for a few months. Being able to make a quick breakfast or have the space to create your own smoothie or pack your own lunch is essential. Additionally, eating out for a couple of months can be really costly and not that healthy. Corporate apartments come with full kitchens that you can utilize.

Ability to Wash Your Clothing

Having to go to the hotel laundromat or an actual laundromat can be stressful and time consuming. You can only do laundry when you have to use a laundromat. When you rent corporate housing, you will get your own washer and dryer, so you can throw in a load of clothing when you get home, relax, watch a show, and put the clothing into the dryer when you are ready. Having your own washer and dryer is a big convenience.

Free Access to Amenities

With corporate housing, you oftentimes have access to additional amenities, such as the gym or pool in the apartment building where the apartment is located. With corporate housing, you don't have to pay extra for those amenities, you just get free access to them.

If you have a short-term assignment in another city, consider using a corporate apartment for your housing needs. A corporate apartment is affordable, and allows you the feeling of being at home, with access to a kitchen, washer and dryer, and amenities at no extra cost.

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