3 Simple Factors To Consider When Teaming Up With A Realtor

These days, there are thousands of different real estate agents in cities across the United States, not to mention the litany of online options for potential sellers. While it can be tempting to work with the first person who checks items off of your list, it is crucial to think carefully about who you are working with and select someone who meets your criteria. Here are three simple factors you should consider when teaming up with a realtor. 

1. Their Other Current Listings When you start considering different real estate agents, take the time to ask them what other properties they are currently representing. While many agents are happy to tout the pricier listings they are currently representing, it should be a red flag to you if they have too many or too few current listings. Representing dozens of other properties could split their time so significantly that they become difficult to get ahold of, and likewise, choosing someone who has nothing but one listing could indicate that they don't have much experience. 

Try to find an agent with a history of successfully selling homes like yours, and who has the time and resources to make your listing a priority. 

2. Their Network Oftentimes, people find out about new homes or other potential buyers through their real estate agent, since many agents represent several buyers and sellers at the same time. Many real estate professionals also have networks of other realtors or business partners who they can work with to market properties, so think carefully about what you are looking for when it comes to finding the right professional. Look for someone who seems to be well-networked in your area, and who represents others that may be interested in your property. 

3. Their Style Every real estate agent has a different style, with some being flashy and incredibly polished, and others being more meek, mild, and quiet. Try to select a real estate agent that has a style that meshes well with your personal aesthetic, because it could guide them in deciding which homes to show you. 

When you are ready to start focusing on finding the right home, don't be shy about talking with as many individuals as possible about potentially becoming your real estate agent. Chat with them about everything from their average list to sale ratio to their ability to get the deal done. When you find the right person to work with, talk about their terms, and be honest about what you need from the process. 

To learn more information, reach out to a real estate agent near you.

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