Acreage For Building Your Home: Features To Look For

If you are hoping to build a home on some acreage, finding the right land is the first and most important step. Every person has different expectations for their acreage and what purpose they want the land to serve, but here are a few things to consider when looking at different parcels of land for sale.

Trees or No Trees

Having existing trees on the lot can be wonderful for the beauty of the land, but if the whole lot is treed, you will need to consider how clearing enough trees for a house and yard space will fit into your building budget. Clearing land can be costly. Some acreages are already fairly wide open — the downside to open land is that, if you want trees, you will have to plant them yourself and wait for them to grow before you have substantial shade or windbreaks. 

Access to City Utilities

Some land is too far away from any municipality to access city water and sewer, trash, or electricity providers. This means you have the cost and responsibility of digging a well for water, installing a septic system, and guaranteeing gas and electrical supply to your home when you build it. Acreages closer to town may be costlier on paper, but if these utilities are easy to tap into, you'll save tens of thousands in extra building costs. 


Is the land you're looking at more flat, or does it have hills, ditches, and swells? Flat land is a good blank slate, but it all depends on the kind of house you're looking for. Sometimes, a hill can be a good starting point because you can build a walkout style basement, for example, without having to move too much dirt around. Have the type of house you hope to build in mind when you check the features of the land. Extra excavation will add extra costs when you build. 

Public Access

Finally, you need to consider how easy it for the land to be accessed by other vehicles. If you have a big truck, driving on B-grade roads may not phase you, but for a visiting aunt in a small car, accessibility might not be possible. You also want your home to be easy for emergency vehicles to get to, just in case. Consider acreages on well-maintained gravel roads or off pavement, even though these land parcels may be more costly. 

For further tips on features to look for when you're purchasing acreage, reach out to a local real estate agent.

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