4 Things To Look For When Searching For Aggressive-Breed Friendly Rental Townhomes

When you look at your dog, you see love and companionship. When some people look at an aggressive breed dog, they see a threat or a risk. Consequently, many townhome rental communities will ban dogs from certain breeds. As a result, when some of these dog owners finally find a community that will accept their pet — they jump right in. However, it is very important that you research, as all aggressive-breed friendly townhome communities are not the same.

1. Pet Fees

Nearly any community that will rent you a unit with your aggressive dog breed will have pet fees. However, these fees can vary from property-to-property. Some communities charge a one-time pet fee at the time of the lease signing. Other communities charge this initial fee and a monthly fee. There are also communities that have greater fees for aggressive breeds. Check the fee structure for every community on your list before you commit.

2. Fencing Options

If it is a rental community, it is highly likely that there is already a fence installed. If so, make sure the fence is tall enough and in good condition. Although you have trained your dog well, it is important that you keep the pet safely contained whenever they are in the backyard. If the townhome community does not have fencing, ask the landlord if you can install a fence. If not, you may want to look elsewhere.

3. Nearby Parks

Consider sticking to those communities that have parks or other open areas nearby. Your dog will need the opportunity to exercise, and the size of the average townhome backyard is not generally large enough to accommodate this need. Those communities with nearby parks will allow you and your pet to quickly get out and get fresh air from time-to-time.

4. Soundproof Units

Look for units that are soundproof. Units built with cheap materials often mean that you can hear every movement your neighbor makes. When your dog barks and the neighbor complains, the blame will likely be placed on the perceived hostile behavior of your aggressive dog breed, not the fact that the dog is startled because the walls are paper-thin. You can save yourself a great deal of stress, and increase your privacy, with a unit with good soundproofing qualities. 

You are looking for townhomes that allow aggressive dog breeds, make sure you take the time to research to find the right place for you and your pet.

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