5 Luxury Home Elements Perfect For The COVID-19 Pandemic Era

Are you home shopping during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020? For home buyers, the definition of luxury at home has been altered since they have had to spend so much more time in that home to reduce exposure to COVID-19. What are some of the new luxury elements that you should look for? Here are a few.

1. More Land.

There is a good reason many people are leaving packed urban areas to head to suburban areas. Larger land parcels are a bonus in the pandemic era for two reasons. First, if you and the entire family are spending more time hanging out, you'll want space in which to do so. And the added distance between you and the public means less exposure and more natural protection. 

2. Home Activities.

When outside activities are curtailed or may be toggling between being open and closed, people are looking for more distinct things to do at home. A backyard pool, game rooms, home theaters, spas, and fitness rooms are some of the many activities that keep home-bound families sane and healthy when life is restricted. 

3. Separate Spaces.

Never has the idea of personal and private spaces been more important in a home. Families stuck inside together for longer periods need their own individual and discrete spaces. Look for houses with plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms, separate family rooms, gaming rooms, and complete master suites. 

4. Outdoor Entertainment.

Entertaining at home is safer for everyone who used to enjoy going to crowded bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues. And being outside is safer than sitting around indoors with outsiders. So, outdoor entertainment is one of the best investments you can make for the near future. Your new home should come with either a great existing outdoor entertainment area or the space to put in one customized to your interests. 

5. Home Offices.

Along with entertaining themselves at home, more people are also working from home. This makes the home office a new "must have" for remote workers and business owners alike. You'll want a comfortable home office with privacy and soundproofing as well as natural lighting for all those video-conference calls you'll be making. 

When you focus on the luxuries that really make a difference for life under the COVID-19 threat, you help ensure that not only does your family survive the pandemic but also thrives no matter what it brings your way.

For more information or help as you look to buy a luxury home, contact a real estate agent.

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