Getting Familiar With Student Apartments As A New College Student

Setting out on your career as a college student usually means leaving your parents' house, and finding the best place to live can really highlight your time spent in school. Student apartments are readily available in a lot of locations, and they can be a good option. Here is a closer look at these apartments. 

What exactly are student apartments?

Student apartments are an off-campus living option suitable for students who are in college. While some apartment complexes can be owned by local colleges or universities, most of these are privately owned and are simply geared toward a student population. The apartments are really not that different from other apartments found in traditional complexes, but there may be requirements that tenants actually be students. 

Will you have roommates in a student apartment?

Whether you have assigned roommates will depend on the apartment complex. Some apartments automatically assign roommates because the apartments have multiple bedrooms, and some may just be one-bedroom units for one student only. Some complexes may also allow you to bring in your own roommate that is a student. 

Can financial aid cover the costs of a student apartment?

Most student apartments are just as affordable as a dorm room, and in some cases, you can find a student apartment for a lower price because the complex is not owned by the school. Financial aid can be used to cover your living expenses, no matter where those expenses are coming from or where you are choosing to live. So, yes, financial aid can be used to pay for a student apartment. 

What are the advantages of student apartments over dorms?

These apartments can offer several advantages over living in a dorm. For one, an apartment is going to give you all the comforts of home, such as a full kitchen, private bathroom, and separate sleeping spaces. You are not going to find as many restrictions at an off-campus student apartment as you likely will at a dorm, either, because these properties do not have to follow the same rules as the school itself. For example, some dorms have visitor hours at the dorms, which would not be a thing in an apartment. It is also advantageous to move into the complexes because you may have access to private amenities, such as a pool, fitness area, or community computer lab. 

Contact student apartment complexes in your area to learn more about your options.

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