4 Tips To Help You Buy An Easy-To-Clean Home

When you buy a home and move in, you may want to spend the majority of your free time on family, friends, and hobbies. A high-upkeep home may be something that you want to avoid, but this may still be reasonable when you are willing to hire professionals on occasion. The most important part of buying a house that maximizes free time is getting an easy-to-clean property.


Analyzing landscapes is an essential step while house hunting because you could end up with a house that is easy to clean on the inside but challenging to clean on the outside. Ideally, you want to prioritize front yards and backyards with plants that are not going to create major messes.

Since there are flowers, shrubs, and trees that produce a lot of debris and others that produce little to none at all, you should not hesitate to consult with a tree service company for help. They can give you valuable details about the landscape regarding a house that you are interested in.


While looking at online home listings, you may find that you are quite attracted to properties with extensive detailing. Getting a house with crown molding, baseboards, and intricate trim around the doors and windows may look great visually, but it will demand a lot of work. Every little indent that makes up beautiful trim demands more cleaning compared to a simple trim.

So, although you may find it difficult to pass up on the properties that you may find the most attractive, you should do it to accomplish your goal of living in an easy-to-clean home.


For the most part, you can clean carpet with routine vacuuming. But, you will find that carpet is a lot more demanding than hardwood when it comes to keeping it clean overall. Even tile is susceptible to heavy dirt and grime buildup since the grout is at risk of getting dirty easily. This makes hardwood, laminate, or vinyl all viable options for flooring that is not hard to clean.

Paint Finish

Listing photos may not provide you with enough clarity to determine whether most of a house is using a glossy paint finish. However, you should make this a priority for the house that you buy as this finish is easier to clean than flat finishes that you will find come across in many homes.

Also, since glossy paint shows dirt quite easily, you can look forward to enjoying a clean home because you will know exactly where and when to put time into cleaning up.

With these tips, you can find and buy an easy-to-clean home without a problem. 

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