The Often Unspoken Rules Of Buying Vacant Land For A New Home Construction

Investing in vacant property is ideal if you want to build your own home. However, there are some unspoken rules to keep in mind in the process. 

1. Never buy the land from afar. 

It is so easy to find vacant land on sale on the internet these days, and some listings are pretty high-tech and impressive to give prospects a good look without having to travel. However, it is always best if you can get an in-person visit just the same. It can be so difficult to get a feel for the layout of the land, the proximity to other buildings, and the general atmosphere without seeing the property firsthand. 

2. Find out why the land is still vacant. 

Vacant properties can be vacant simply because no one has taken the time to develop them just yet. Sometimes, landowners split up a large mass of land into tracts, and other tracts are developed first. However, there can also be reasons why one area of a neighborhood is vacant when everything else has already been topped with a structure. Do a bit of research by talking to the landowner to find out why this particular tract of land is still empty. There could be issues that have prohibited people from developing the land.

3. Always, always work with an agent. 

Whenever you are on the search for a unique piece of real estate, it is best if you work with a real estate agent. Vacant land is unique when compared to an established home. The agent is going to be working for your interests to make sure you are looking at properties that are worth the price, fitting for your intentions, and free of issues like zoning restrictions. 

4. Check on utility availability before making an offer. 

Find out what utilities are going to be available to you before you ever make an offer on the property. If there are problems that will prevent you from running a water or power line to your planned new home, these are things you will want to know in advance. 

5. Never assume a property can be rezoned for your benefit.

City ordinances set forth zoning restrictions for certain reasons, and it can be challenging to get around these restrictions. While it is not impossible to get a piece of vacant property rezoned so you can build, this process can take a long time. It is best if you shop for land that is already going to be accepting of your future building plans. 

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