A Guide For Renting Executive Office Spaces For Prospective Renters

As a professional, having a desirable place to offer your services is  always important. Whether you are an attorney, a business consultant, or some other industry professional, you may not need a full-on office suite with everything from a conference room to a breakroom all to yourself. In these cases, renting an executive office space can be more logical. 

What exactly is an executive office space rental?

An executive office space is a space within a larger unit that professionals can use for their own professional service provision. The office usually comes with shared outer areas, such as a front lobby, large meeting rooms for groups, and restrooms for use of all the professionals in the building and their clients. One building may hold dozens of different offices that are rented by different professionals that can be in very different industries. For example, one building may have 50 offices inside, but in each office, there will be a different business operation taking place, such as a financial adviser service, a marriage counseling service, and a business consulting service. 

What are the advantages of renting these spaces?

The advantages of renting these executive spaces are relatively obvious. You get all the makings of a larger office with all the amenities without having to pay full price for everything because you essentially split costs with other tenants. For example, if you rent a large office building with a full lobby, meeting rooms, and a small kitchen for employees, you could be facing a high rental payment every month, but when the entire building is shared, you only pay a portion of your rental payments for these outlying areas. Likewise, utility costs are shared, property maintenance costs are shared, and there will be ample parking for everyone.

Are there any negatives to consider?

The only negatives to consider are relative to sharing your business space with others. For example, you may have to work in your time in the shared conference area by consulting with others in the building and determining when the space will be free. 

What things should be considered when looking for the best office space for rent?

Take a look at the different business professionals operating within the rented spaces. Many professionals prefer to work within a building of like-minded professionals. For example, a financial adviser may prefer a building that has other finance-oriented services. Also, look at the amenities available to ensure they align with your needs.

Contact a real estate company for help with finding executive office space rentals in your area.

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