Want To Sell Your Home? Ask Your Agent These Questions About Timing It Correctly

Deciding to sell your home is a big task, which is why it is always good to work with a real estate agent to help you figure out when to do it. Before you jump into listing your home on the market, it will help to ask the following questions to do it correctly.

Is There A Bad Time Of Year To List Your Home? 

There is really not a good or bad time to list your home for sale, but your real estate agent can tell you valuable insight about your area that can help influence your decision. For example, market conditions may favor the buyer, putting you at a disadvantage of selling your home. Buyers will be expecting lower prices with less competition out there, so you may not be able to get the price that you desire for your home.

Your agent may persuade you to delay listing your home if it would be favorable to you. This could include waiting for winter to be over, which is when home-buying activity tends to pick up, or during the summer when families want to change homes between the school years. 

Why Does Time On The Market Matter?

You may be wondering why it is an issue to list your home early if it doesn't sell right away. The truth is that there is a downside to having a home that has been listed on the real estate market for quite some time. Buyers may be expecting the home to drop in price because there has not been an offer on the home and it is still listed. Having a home that is listed for quite some time may also cause buyers to think that something is wrong with the home. In fact, many buyers regularly search for recently added homes on a daily basis, causing your home to never hit their radar. 

Your real estate agent can delist your home and put it back on the market later if necessary, which will reset the amount of days that it has been on the market and help it look new again to potential buyers. However, you'll be missing out on a potential sale during the time period while the home is not listed for sale. 

Still have questions about when it would be the right time to list your home for sale? Reach out to a local real estate agency to learn more. 

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